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Why its Important to Take Care of Yourself

Nov 30, 2015 by Anonymous

“Take care of yourself” is something we glibly tell others, but do we take our own advice? In our busy world, we find ourselves taking care of others first, which is not necessarily bad. It’s only negative if we forget to do the same for ourselves. Read Article


Nov 8, 2015 by Anonymous

Most of us want to eat healthier diets and become less sedentary in our lifestyle. We want to practice this until the changes in our bodies become obvious to our family and friends as well as ourselves. Our exercise habits, or lack of them, seem a simple quest to tackle. We don’t just start to move, we are suddenly exercising with a vengeance, wanting a slimmer, healthier body in just a month or less. The results of attaining the benefits of better habits immediately are unrealistic. Read Article

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