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Senior Caregiver Lifelines: 5 Ways To Get Support

May 15, 2018 by Comfort Keepers Newark, DE

Being a caregiver for someone can be incredibly rewarding, especially if it’s someone you love or who used to support you, such as a parent or your spouse.

But the job can also be quite difficult, mentally and physically. During your toughest times, you may feel unsupported or lost.

It’s very important to understand that you are not alone. You have resources to help you cope with the varied emotions you may be feeling, give you an honest break from caregiving duties when you need it, and you can even hire on professional help if needed.

Here are 5 important sources of support to keep in mind as a caregiver:

Other Relatives

Perhaps you have other siblings who are taking a part (or not) in your senior’s care. If this is the case, having a family meeting can help you express your concerns and stress you have, and perhaps certain duties can be re-allocated amongst you all to help take some of the workload off of your shoulders and make it more distributed.

Siblings aren’t the only source of support, however. Perhaps you are caring for your spouse, and your adult children can be a form of support and help for you. Or, maybe you have other relatives or close friends that can be there to support you, too.

Having someone you trust just to simply talk to can be a great way to get some frustrations off of your chest, not to mention, you may get a bigger helping hand than someone just to listen to you.


Neighbors can be a key part in making sure your senior is safe in times of need. For example, if your senior has dementia and tends to wander, be sure your neighbors know about their condition so that they can keep an eye out for you.

Having a relationship with your neighbors can also be useful in case of emergency, such as you getting injured and going to the hospital. Or, if your senior lives alone, their neighbors may be able to bring them to their doctor’s appointments or bring them dinner a night or two a week. They can be the eyes and ears you really need if you’re not physically there.

Caregiving Agency

From a home safety inspection to educating yourself on current caregiving resources, to finding a professional caregiver if you need extra help, your local Comfort Keepers can provide you with an abundance of information and support.

Elder Support Services

Every community across the U.S. typically has some sort of office you can call or visit to see what resources are available for your loved one, such as meal delivery, transportation, and so forth. Click the link here to find the office nearest you.

Support Group

You might brush this idea off right away because you feel you don’t need it, and many people do this.

Those same people end up joining a group in some way or fashion later on in their caregiving journey, though. Having other caregivers to talk to, whether in person or online, is some of the most effective support you can get. These people know what you’re going through and are a fountain of knowledge for you to both learn from and contribute to yourself.

These are just some forms of support every caregiver can find. Others depend on the unique situation and what form of support you’re looking for. Try these out when you need someone to talk to or some help with your caregiving duties – you’ll be glad you did.

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