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Senior Living - Ideas For A Happy and Health Retirement

Apr 15, 2018 by Comfort Keepers Newark, DE

Ever wonder what people do to make their retirements so fulfilling?

The key is to stay happy and healthy, and the ways of accomplishing this vary per individual.

Unsure of where to start? Here are some ideas:

Explore the world!

Many people use their retirement as a time to travel the world. Not only is this a smart idea, as seniors get discounts on airfare, hotels, and so forth, but travelling is truly good for the mind, body, and soul.

Seeing a place you’ve always wanted to see, trying new foods and experiencing new cultures is a great way to increase your quality of life in this stage of your life. Just be sure to plan properly for safe travels.

Take that class you’ve always wanted to take.

Going to school in your younger years may have involved taking a lot of classes you truly didn’t care for.

However, once you’re older, you can take any kind of class you want! Anything from going back and finishing your degree, to taking art classes at your local art studio – the sky is the limit here.

It’s worth noting that several states have a program that offers college classes to seniors for free – something to definitely take advantage of in your retirement!

Give back.

People tend to have more time on their hands when retiring, and are unsure of what to do with that time.

Instead of becoming a couch potato, it would benefit your mood and health to spend that time volunteering. We assume volunteering is such a self-less act, and it’s true that it is – but it also benefits you in a number of ways.

For a retired senior, volunteering can help to:

  • Keep you more active
  • Adhere to a schedule, thus keeping you more organized
  • Have a sense of responsibility and leadership
  • Expand your social circle


You can volunteer wherever your heart desires, from your local hospital to animal shelter.

Adopt a furry friend.

Speaking of animals, do you miss having someone to take care of? Adopting a pet may help to satisfy this feeling. Not only will you have the time to spend giving your pet a fun and active life, but reciprocally, they will also help to keep you active.

Actually, studies have shown that seniors who own pets have lower blood pressure and reduced stress. Pets can also help reduce feelings of loneliness and depression.

Try adopting an older pet from your local shelter. They really need homes, and they’ll be more grown up and easier for you to manage in your older age.

Join a club.

Have a passion of some sort, but nobody to share it with? Or, want to try something new or meet new people? Join a local club.

There are clubs formed for anything – discussing movies, playing cards, hiking, gardening, playing guitar, cooking, and so on and so forth. This is a great form of socialization and helping you expand your skillset on your favorite hobby, or perhaps something new.

Dance the night away.

Not only is dancing fun, but for seniors, it’s also a popular way to stay mentally and physically active!

Dancing is a low-impact form of exercise, and learning how to dance formally through classes or on your own is a great way to stimulate your brain, too.

Joining a class or going out dancing with your spouse and other couples helps to keep your social circle strong, which is an important aspect to keep in your life when getting older. It’s a great way to grow even closer to your partner, too.

Whatever you plan to do in your retirement, make sure it works to keep your mind and your body happy and healthy!

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